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There is something special about Wendy's lip balm.  It is gentle and nourishing and infused with her love and care.  My favourite lip balm.


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Baby balm has been very useful for both nappy rash and drool/teething rash. Its very moisturising but not greasy and works well as a barrier balm also. It smells nice but not overpowering. I will definitely keep using it, thank you.




Halwyn Holistics are truly natural and beautiful products. I have been using them for a year now and absolutely love them. They feel amazing and feel great on your skin. 

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Halwyn Holistic products are absolute quality. I especially love the Comfrey Healing Balm. It works brilliantly on any cuts, grazes, stings, bites etc and is a product I never travel without. Wounds heal cleanly due to it’s antiseptic properties and twice as fast as normal. 

I use Wendy’s skin care products daily and my skin feels the best it ever has. Nice to know my skin care products are all natural. 

Anne Taylor 

Gentle Facial Exfoliating Cream


Super Smooth Skin


I must say after using Halwyn Holistic’s ‘Gentle Exfoliating Cream’ regularly for about 3 months I love how my skin feels afterwards….extremely smooth and hydrated! But not red or irritated like most exfoliating product can do - just soft with my skin feeling as smooth as glass! The fragrance of the Mandarin & Juniper Berry makes me feel as if I’m at a ‘day spa’ which is an added bonus. This is an all round amazing product.



Hey Wendy. Noel loves his Mosquitoff I bought him for Christmas. He has used it in the far north of NZ and boy does it work?! We are in Queensland using it on holiday now. We love the smell and have had no trouble with some big mozzies we've seen. I keep raiding his bottle. We just LOVE it!



Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the beard oil was a total hit. The perfect gift for the man who has everything....(I get to enjoy it too, win, win!!). The scent is gorgeous, he loves the subtle 'outdoor' blend...and no more prickly hugs as it has tamed the madness! 

Love it! 

Vanilla Lip Balm Small.jpg

Antonia, Katie and Julia

Using the lip balm really helped my lips to get smoother as I’ve always had dry lips.  It really keeps my lips moisturised for a long time. I like the natural taste of it and the fact that the lip balm is organic.  Antonia


I love the texture of it and the smoothness especially because it’s long lasting as well as it smelling really fresh and moisturising really well - Katie


I love using the lip balm because it makes my lips feel so much softer and the fact that it is organic makes it even better.  The texture of the balm is very smooth which makes it easier to apply - Julia

Comfrey Balm.jpg


As a tradesman there is always something aching! I regularly use the Comfrey Healing Balm to help sooth my aches and pains. 



My favourite Halwyn Holistic product is the Gentle Facial Exfoliating Cream, it's great for my face, leaving it soft and well moisturised. The lip balm is mildly fragranced and not heavy. I also use the Comfrey Healing Balm on any cuts, grazes or irritated skin as it heals them quickly. All the products are gentle but effective. Buy them - you won't regret it!



We would love to hear what you think of our products, please comment on the form below. Many thanks! 

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We would love to hear what you think of our products, please comment on the form below. Many thanks! 

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