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At Halwyn Holistics we have a wide range of honest, ethical

and 100% natural products for you and your family.

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All Products

Browse our range of 100% natural products. There is something for everyone.


Skin Care

Our natural skin care range cares for your skin keeping it clean, happy and healthy.

Aromatherapy Oil

Body Oils

These aromatic oils feel great on your skin. Use as a daily moisturiser or for massage.


Made with love on the Mahurangi River, New Zealand.


Our Ingredients

Click here to learn about our all natural ingredients. We believe that nature will provide as long as we know where to look. 

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My Story

Read about my journey, how I got here and why elephants! 

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Check in here

for all things

Halwyn Holistics.

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Hear what people have to say about our products or let us know your thoughts on the products that you have tried. 

How To Use

Click here for advice and instructions on how, where and why to use our fantastic range of products.

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Pulse Point

These handy 10ml Pulse Point roll-ons are perfect for travel, desk drawer or handbag.

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Halwyn Holistics has a range of 100% natural balms that nourish your skin and nurture your body.

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Coming Soon

New products on their way, 

Hemp Lotion ( Vegan )

Shave Balm

Solid Deodarant

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